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MSTAR MailRover Dial-up
$21.90 / mo.

Block unsolicited e-mail advertisements (SPAM) and viruses with MSTAR's MailRover package. MSTAR MailRover provides advanced e-mail filtering to keep vulgar, unwanted and unsolicited e-mail messages from clogging your e-mail inbox. It also prevents dangerous computer viruses from being downloaded to your computer in the form of e-mail attachments.

Protect your Inbox from SPAM and e-mail viruses!
Plus, you get all the benefits of FamilySafe Filtered Dial-up:
All this for only $21.90 / month!
MailRover – Your own personal SPAM watchdog

Defend yourself against SPAM & e-mail viruses today. MailRover automatically sniffs out unsolicited e-mail advertisements before they ever hit your inbox.

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