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Our Values

MSTAR’s mission as an Internet service provider is to assist families in establishing the safest and most reliable Internet environment possible. As you know, the Internet has become an invaluable tool in the home for learning, entertainment, and communication. However, with all these benefits also come serious risks, such as potential exposure to harmful materials like pornography.

MSTAR believes families can have all the good the Internet offers without exposing themselves to dangerous Internet content. To make this possible, and to fulfill our company mission, we provide three tools that are necessary to ensure that families have a quality Internet experience. These three tools are education, filtering technology, and customer service.

1- Education
Internet safety seminar

MSTAR has developed a free Internet safety seminar designed to teach parents about the dangers of the Internet. This seminar also includes practical training on tools and techniques that can be used to avoid Internet pornography. Over the past year we have presented this seminar as a free public service to over 30 government and civic groups. Most recently we presented the seminar at the “Family Under Fire” conference at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, and the “Women for Decency” conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. For a copy of our seminar notes, or if you would like to schedule an appointment to have one of our presenters speak to your group, click here. NEED URL

Resources on the problem of Internet pornography and addiction

MSTAR has also developed a unique Web page filled with valuable links and articles on the dangers of Internet pornography and pornography addiction. To visit this site, click here. NEED URL

2- Filtering Technology
Web filtering

MSTAR uses the world’s most accurate Web filtering technology to prevent offensive Web sites from being downloaded to your computer. Our dynamic filter is built right into our Internet service, blocking pornography, gambling, hate group, and illegal drug related sites

E-mail filtering

Even with advanced Web filtering, it’s important to protect your family against SPAM e-mail and viruses, which may contain pornography. MSTAR provides e-mail filtering for only $1.95 extra a month.

Secure instant messaging

MSTAR’s Instant messenger is located within a secure, one-network environment, providing increased safety to your family when they chat online.

3- Customer Service
Reliable connections

MSTAR has over 3,000 pop servers around the nation. So no matter where you are, MSTAR offers you a safe, reliable Internet connection.

Award-winning 24/7 service

MSTAR’s customer service call center is always available and always ready to handle all your Internet service-related questions. Call Center Magazine awarded our customer service center with the “Call Center of the Year” award in May of 2002 for our outstanding customer service.

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